Here we'll inform you about recent news, as well as the current status of the event organisation.


We had a huge rush on the model cars and badges and they had already been sold out during the event.


Sadly, we are not going to produce additional cars and badges!

We really regret that we don´t have better news for you.


There are still some souvenirs from early events available. 



We are overwhelmed by the many applications for the spare parts market.


The quota is exhausted and we can not accept further sellers.


The list is still being updated - so we hope for your understanding that this might still take a week.  



We already received the first applications and we are more than happy about the positive feedback!


From now on a list with the registered participants will be uploaded once a week. You can find the list under VW Meeting 2019   --> Application participants.


Last update: June 8th, 2019.


Breaking news!!!

Finally we are proud to announce that you can now register for the 11th International Bad Camberger VW-Veteranen-Treffen.


You´ll find the application form by klicking on the picture.